Friday, March 14, 2008

Reflections on the Literacy Academy

I love to collaborate with other teachers. I have enjoyed the creativity and spontaneity of those I have worked with during the course of this year. I thank the leadership of the academy for this award--no, no, I mean for its hard work in preparing and presenting good materials for use in the classroom. It has been an enriching experience for my students and for me.

I appreciate the creative learning strategies I have acquired, especially the monsters project, mind mapping, a map of home, and now--ta da--blogging. I will use the workshop "bible" full of good stuff, as a reference when I am looking for a new way to approach a lesson.

What's With These Women?

What is going on with these wives who accompany their husbands in public announcements about the jerk's infidelity. Rather than exposing the suffering spouse to public view of her pain, wouldn't it be more appropriate for the unfaithful public official to just take the hit? Ladies, let me hear what you really think?