Friday, March 14, 2008

Reflections on the Literacy Academy

I love to collaborate with other teachers. I have enjoyed the creativity and spontaneity of those I have worked with during the course of this year. I thank the leadership of the academy for this award--no, no, I mean for its hard work in preparing and presenting good materials for use in the classroom. It has been an enriching experience for my students and for me.

I appreciate the creative learning strategies I have acquired, especially the monsters project, mind mapping, a map of home, and now--ta da--blogging. I will use the workshop "bible" full of good stuff, as a reference when I am looking for a new way to approach a lesson.


KIM MOSER said...

I love your sense of humor. Your voice is very recognizable in your writing. Behind each word in my head is your lilting voice and your twinkling eyes framing that precious smile you are so generous with. I'm so glad we got to do this together. I have learned so much from you. :)

Katrina said...

I have always looked forward to hearing whatever you had to say. Your writing is always so beautiful. Having the opportunity to collaborate with somebody who so obviously cares about education is always uplifting.

Juanita said...

I agree that your writing is beautiful, and your comments are very witty as well! Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm.

Barri L. Bumgarner said...

Man, reading all of these, I'm gonna miss you girls!

I guess we're just going to have to find a way to keep this Literacy Academy thing works! Imagine that -- a program in education that works, and they can't seem to find funding. I wonder if the NCLB folks in D.C. would loan us money...they don't really use theirs, do they? (Hehehehe) }:-)